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Menu w restauracji Bulaj

Menu komponowane jest z sezonowych i lokalnych produktów według autorskich przepisów w oparciu o ideę Slow Food.
Nasze dania przygotowane są z starannie wyselekcjonowanych produktów o najwyższej jakości i każdego dnia posiadamy w swojej ofercie specjały spoza karty.

Zapraszamy Państwa do skosztowania naszych dań!


Homemade Żur Soup 19 zł

Traditional Polish sourdough-based soup with egg,

white and smoked sausage and dried mushroom

Fish soup with seafood 26 zł

Baltic fish stock soup with seafood

Soup of the Day 

Seasonal freshly made soup 19-32 zł (please ask us for today’s special)

Baltic Herring 21 zł

Herring tartare marinated in roots and herbs served with

 beetroot, chicory, pickled cucumber and apple salad with sour cream and mustard mousse

Pâté 23 zł

 Pate served with chokeberry sauce, horseradish, cranberry and home-made marinades

Beet carpaccio  23 zł

Beetroot carpaccio served with Brussels sprouts and tempura vegetables

Beef sirloin carpaccio 33 zł

Served with truffle oil, confined bacon, béchamel sauce, and mushroom powder

Baltic fish terrine 32 zł

 Delicate sea trout terrine and cod with fish glace served with 

marinated sea trout in grapefruit and juniper 

Lettuce with homemade vinaigrette 22 zł

A bouquet of green salads with seasonal vegetables and homemade vinaigrette 

 Homemade humus 22 zł

Two types of humus in our recipe with roasted vegetablest

Lettuce with sheep cheese and oscypek cheese 28 zł

Roman lettuce, chicory, lolo rosso pear, 

plums- Suski Sechlonian, walnuts served with two cheeses from Podkarpacie


please ask us for today’s special and what is the price (19-42 zł)

Mussels 46 zł

Mussels in pumpkin sauce with coconut milk, ginger and coriander

Ragout  29 zł 

Seasonal vegetables stewed in tomatoes with the addition of aromatic herbs

 Mushroom risotto 34 zł

Carnaroli rice with porcini mushrooms from the Kashubian forests

Pork knuckle 39 zł

Roasted pork knuckle stewed in beer served 

on pickled vegetables and pureed with carrots and peas

Rabbit  52 zł

Rabbit in thyme sauce for parsnip and nut puree, served with carrot, kale and flambéed pear

Duck 56 zł

Roasted half duck on apples served with beetroot and cranberry mousse and polish style nudlle

Stuffed cabbage with venison 44 zł

Stuffed cabbage served with homemade polish style pumpkin gnocchi and brussels 

Steak of the Day 

please ask us for today’s special and what is the price (62-199 zł)

Cod 49 zł

Baked cod on bean puree with brussels sprouts and shallots with demiglace fish sauce

Zander- pike perch 59 zł

Zander fillet from kaszuby served on mushroom risotto with pumpkin, 

baby spinach and thyme sauce

Halibut PLN 58 zł

Baked halibut served with pearl couscous, seasonal vegetables, confit garlic

Fish of the Day 39-399 zł

please ask us for today’s special

Children's dish 24 zł

 „Meat" roast with a creamy sauce, Polish gnnocchi with carrot and green peas, 


“Fish” cod fillet saute with carrots, peas and Polish gnnocchi

Extra 10 % service charge for a table of 6 or more

The composition of the courses and side dishes are subject to change

due to access to seasonal products.

Waiting time for the main course ca. 25 min

Meat in starters / main courses: at least 80 g / 150 g;

Fish in starters / main courses: at least 75 g / 150 g

Soups: 300 ml

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Menu english – zobacz
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